Metroland – Mind the Gap

Metroland - Mind the Gap


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Metroland – Mind the Gap
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Alfa Matrix, 2012

Now here’s a Belgian duo leading the sound of Kraftwerk into the modern age of electronic music composing a collection of simple sounding tracks with vocoder/robotic vocals, Kraftwerkian rhythms and field recordings. The outcome -created by Passenger A and Passenger S- though appears more complex and layered at closer listen. Next to that, music and vision really complement each other on “Mind the Gap”. Sticking to the warm sound of vintage electronic sounds, Metroland’s excellent produced and mixed debut album “Mind the Gap” -dealing with daily commuting, railroad traffic and underground tube travel- is catchy and melodic.

“Enjoying the View” already makes a majestic opener, as do the title piece and “Inner City Transport” following in its footsteps. The 55-minute buzzing result of vibrant synth pop, industrial and electro-minimalism –nothing less than a nice tribute to the Em pioneers of the late ‘70’s and ‘80’s- is a keen mix of Kraftwerk’s “The Man Machine” and “Computer World” ( “Theme for Metroland, “It’s More Fun To Commute”, “(Much) More Fun”). Next to the pleasant, almost reversed sound treatment, “M-e-t-r-o” and “Moscow Main” make nice, not too fast dance tunes.

As the limited edition hardcopy box holding an additional cd with remixes is gone by now, Metroland offers “Mind the Gap” (Bonus Tracks Version) as a download on their BandCamp site. Rest me to say this release by Sven Lauwers en Andy De Decker is indeed a fine way to get the underground into the highlight….



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