Michael Brook – Hybrid

Michael Brook - Hybrid


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Michael Brook – Hybrid

“Hybrid” is the solo debut by Canadian Michael Brook –featuring Eno and Lanois as backing musicians-, a 42-minute album full of organic, none-dynamic, trance-inducing yet thoughtful ambient music.

Mood and darker-shaded atmospheres take center stage on each of the eight instrumental vignettes, all airing distinct ethnic-world flavors due to dry-sounding African percussion mixed with a range of exotic instrumentation (including mbira, tambura drone textures, swamp percussion, Northumbrian pipes, buzz bass, steel guitar, vibes, congas, cricket recordings). These are fused exquisitely with Mr. Brook’s haunting multi-layered guitar playing (pinpointed as “infinite guitar”) as well as some minimal piano and string pads occasionally. Simply immerse in the beautiful depth and hypnotizing sphere created on the opening title track, “Mimosa” or “Midday” while the quiet excursion “Pond Life” makes your mind wander easily into Eno’s mesmerizing “Ambient #4 On Land”.

Ambient aficionados shouldn’t miss out on this remarkable, still impressive recording.



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