Michael Brückner – Endless Mind Portal

Michael Brückner - Endless Mind Portal

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Michael Brückner – Endless Mind Portal
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD/CD-R, Private Release, 2011

For fans of atmospheric ambient and cosmic music, the album “Endless Mind Portal” (released as a download in early August 2011) by German composer Michael Brückner may be a treat.

The three-hour recording (a concept album on the discovery and exploration of the universe) features lengthy and profound space music, true soundscape dwellings mostly without rhythm along rhythmic/sequenced excursions, all meant as the artists pranam to the old and ancient masters of the Berlin School style of music.
The two hour content of the first “disc” form the main “story”, while the tracks on the last one are additional and/or alternate versions of the projects compositions, presented as bonus tracks.

Mr Brückner’s improvised sonic creations are mysterious and sacred while they smoothly evolve in a dynamic ebb and flow sense, at times in a sequenced or rhythmic style. A few remarks though.

The entrance to “Through the Portal” is slightly experimental before immersing in gentle synth pads and later on a more rhythmic, less dreamy concept. Personally, I’m also not too happy about the rather loud female vocal incorporated in the 30-minute “Inside the Endless Mind” and the spoken text by a computer voice shortly after it. This in contrast to the nice, complimentary spoken German lines by Michael’s daughter on the same piece. The rock-button is even pressed on the 21-minute “Leaving the Endless Mind” where Michael freaks out with solos, and poignant drums and bass synth for a couple of minutes. After that, the music gently settles down again on an canvas of warm pads slightly similar to Pink Floyd’s long and spacy intro of “Shine on your crazy diamond”.

While absorbing the atmospheric side of “Endless Mind Portal”, I often felt connected to the textural stuff of Schulze’s “Mirage” and Bernd Kistenmacher’s track “La Tendresse” along the music of Michael Stearns, Altus and Mon0.

The “bonus disc” of the release features a chill-out and an alternative mix of two of the previous tracks along three new pieces. Of the latter I particularly like the flowing and smoothly sequenced “Störtebecker (Live)”, again slightly echoing Old School Schulze. The music of “Berlin Schoolboy” heads a bit in the rock-oriented direction as explored on the 25-minute “Leaving the Endless Mind” on the main release. The choir pads and its overall driven nature are nice, although the various breaks and tempos on it are not always very logical.

For me, the main attraction of “Endless Mind Portal” (that comes with some very beautiful cover art) are the great slow flow ambient/space music sections. For patient listeners I especially recommend the first two completely textural tracks that easily evoke multiple grand cosmic images in a grand and timeless fashion.
Chapeau Michael for these well-accomplished soundscape journeys!

A three cd-r version of the release including artwork is for sale direct from the composer.

Website: www.facebook.com/bruecknerambient

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