Michael Daniel – Henglers Circus

Michael Daniel - Henglers Circus

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Michael Daniel – Henglers Circus
CD, English Electronic Music Company, 2014

What I got here is a firm piece of energetic progressive rock solely made and played by Michael Daniel, one of the members of the EM-retro project Pollard-Daniel-Booth.

The 58-minute “Henglers Circus” -presented as a mini gatefold album- is a vibrant melting pot of music featuring many breaks, presenting a steady line up of various guitars, percussion, bass, organ, occasional vocals and several vintage synths. Listening to the four tracks (ranging between 12 and 16 minutes), the symphonic music of Yes comes to mind, as well as vintage Camel, Focus, or classic King Crimson, displaying the fine playing skills and talent of this UK artist.

I’m personally not into the bluesy/jazzy flavours and experimentalism found in the midsection of “Within it all” (the longest of the four complex pieces) but very much like the various straightforward electro-acoustic combos heard on the opening piece and in the energetic second part of “Cloud Mapping”. And although the electronic stuff on the closing (title) track is nicely rendered, the guitars, percussion and all other stuff turns out a bit too inconsistent to grab and keep my attention.

Website: eemcmusic.bandcamp.com

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