Michael Garrison – Point of Impact

Michael Garrison - Point of Impact


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Michael Garrison – Point of Impact
CD, Windspell Records/ Garrisongs Music, 1983

I personally feel the album “Point of Impact” is the best and most versatile album by Oregon-based musician Michael Garrison, who sadly died on March 24, 2004.

His energy-powered, strong analogue-flavoured and sequencer-dominated music has its own trademark, although one can hear influences by Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream through the thick layers of sound.

What makes his fourth album stand out from his more-of-the-same other sounding catalogue releases is the use of the female vocals of Shari Barna (who was already occasionally heard on “Eclipse”) on several tracks, such as the title piece, which gives his melodic, positive, driving “wall-of-sound” music an extra boost.
Things get even lofty on the 8-minute “Bridge of Air” with its dancing and juggling sequencers.

Due to the troubles of both Joerg Strawe and Ron Boots, the 11-track album was finally released on cd in 1993, which features a bonus track taken from the lp’s “Eclipse” and “Prisms”.
This classic album deserves to be part of any electronic music collection.



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