Michael Neil – Between Sleeping and Waking

Michael Neil - Between Sleeping and Waking


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Michael Neil – Between Sleeping and Waking
CD-R, Private Release, 2010

“Between Sleeping and Waking” is a highly atmospheric deep ambient album by Michel Neil, making it his most quiet of all his releases. The release will also be his last for a quite a while, as other challenges blink on the horizon.

The music actually put Michael back on philosophical ground and depicts hypnagogia, the experience of a state between wakefulness and sleep (a term coined by Alfred Maury), dreaming and (re)awakening. The album contains seven slowly evolving, smooth dwelling soundscapes.

They all realm in the same quietude as some works of Brian Eno and especially Steve Roach’s “Quiet Music” and “Structures from Silence”, submerging the listener in a kindred reflective sonic well of non-rhythmic textures.
The third piece “Tromso”, also the longest track on the album, is my personal favorite, featuring a fluid atmosphere with a harmonic ebb and flow of free form sound pads.

All in all, listening to “Between Sleeping and Waking” is truly relaxing and a real delight.
Nice going, Mr Neil!

The album is available as digital download from MusicZeit.

Website: www.michaelneil.eu

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