Michael Neil – For the Record

Michael Neil - For the Record

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Michael Neil – For the Record
CD-R, Private Release, 2010

Due to all his fans (like myself) who kept asking over and over again for a re-release of his very early cassette works, Michael Neil assembled the compilation “For the Record”.

This 70+ minute album gives an overview of pieces from his mc’s “Tender Agression” and “Deo Gratis”, to which Michael added several single tracks that never belonged to any overall concept release.

“For the Record” offers 14 pieces in total, and holds a few very nice surprises such as the symphonic outings “Conquistadors” and “Pizzaro’s March”, but there’s also the atmospheric and hypnotizing “Arctica” which was recorded in 2003 when Mr Neil stayed in Helsinki.

The downside of this album is the thin and poor sound of some takes next to weak compositions such as the totally screwed version of “Bolero”, while the repetitive solo piano exercises of “400 5/8” didn’t do it for me either.

The retrospective “For the Record” is for the completists.

Website: www.michaelneil.eu

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