Michael Stearns – Ancient Leaves

Michael Stearns - Ancient Leaves

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Michael Stearns – Ancient Leaves
CD, Earth Turtle Music/Groove Unlimited, 1977/1999

“Ancient Leaves” is Michael’s first self published vinyl release and fits into what’s nowadays called drone music with an experimental edge.

The foundation for the music was layed down by some deep synth tracks with a Mini Moog, followed by some experimentation with women chanting (which ended up as the occasionally heard eerie, ascending chorus by Linda Olsen and Susan Harper) and some spontaneous performances on a Finnish lap harp, the Kantele. Each was recorded on single tapes on a 4-track recorder, which Michael later carefuly assembled together in an 8-track studio.

Well, listening to the two long tracks on the album is a surreal and mind expanding experience, due to its repetitive, long form nature.
“Ancient Leaves”, originally released on Continuum Montage, was re-released in 1999 after it had been thoroughly digitally re-mastered by Michael Stearns at his Earth Turtle studio.

All in all, this classic ambient recording is for those looking for mysterious sonic immersion.

Website: www.michaelstearns.com

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