Michael Stearns – Chronos

Michael Stearns - Chronos


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Michael Stearns – Chronos
CD, Sonic Atmospheres, 1985

The original soundtrack recording “Chronos”, a predecessor to the Imax-movie “Baraka”, is a classic space music album by Michael Stearns for which he once again used the (Mighty) Serge analogue modular synthesizer.

The album features 40 minutes of highly and in-depth atmospheric music aptly accompanying the mind-blowing journey through time and space as the movie shows an assortment of beauty found all around the world.

The encompassing music displays Michael impeccable sound design and innovative recording techniques in a beautiful array of bright sounding cosmic music, containing symphonic and majestic themes along melodic hints and vast ambient spaces.

To me, the outcome remains a rollercoaster ride with quiet passages between the album’s dynamic section (“Escalator”) and the recurring anthem-like theme.
Until today, “Chronos” remains a most impressive and spectacular recording.

Website: www.michaelstearns.com

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