Michael Stearns – Encounter

Michael Stearns - Encounter


Release data:

CD, Hearts of Space Records, 1988

As Michael explains in the cd booklet, this album –subtitled a journey in the key of space- is the first to focus on space as a theme, while his previous albums had been written and recorded in the flavour of space.

The music on this cd easily takes the listener far away into the galaxy, extending the sound and style of “Planetary Unfolding”. Here, Michael adds more mysterious spheres and time-shift elements to the highly cinematic music centered around UFO encounters.

Especially the deep bass lines and cathedral atmospheres keep sending shiffers through my spine, so make sure you play this album on a very good Hi-fi system.
Occasionally the music takes an uplifting heavenly turn on “Within” and “Procession”, ending peaceful and quietly with the harmonious soundings of “Star Dreams”.

“Encounter” remains classic space music after all these years.

Website: www.michaelstearns.com

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