Michael Stearns – Lyra (Sound Constellation)

Michael Stearns - Lyra (Sound Constellation)

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Michael Stearns – Lyra (Sound Constellation)
CD, Earth Turtle Music/Groove Unlimited, 1983/2001

Originally released on lp and cassette on the Continuum Montage label back in 1983, “Lyra (Sound Constellation)” is another (but this time far more extreme) ambient experiment of Michael Stearns, now executed together with his friend George Landry.

But what a hard one it appeared to be. Mr Landry built the main music instrument for the outcome, a huge cosmic harp-like 156-string micro-tonal instrument, of which the strings stretch up to 20 feet in length from ceiling to floor.

The spacious outcome, which I wouldn’t describe as music, is unconventional, alienating and hard to access. These strings of hellish tones seem to rise from the underworld in strange and haunting textures. Fortunately, Michael finally returns to his faithful Serge synthesizer at the tail of the album with the symphonic “Return” (a piece performed live in concert), which is in fact the only melodic and enjoyable piece on the release.

I seriously doubt who will be fond to submerge in these quirky, otherworldly and atonal ambiances, which were digitally remastered and optimized at Michael’s Earth Turtle Studio in Santa Fe, USA in 1999 for re-release on cd.

Website: www.michaelstearns.com

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