Michael Stearns – Morning Jewel

Michael Stearns - Morning Jewel

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Michael Stearns – Morning Jewel
CD, Groove Unlimited, 1979/2000

“Morning Jewel” is a digitally remastered and optimized re-release of Michael’s original 1979-album “Jewel”.
Containing two extended ambient pieces of 27 and 23 minutes, it’s also Michael’s first work on which he introduces the (Mighty) Serge synthesizer.

“Morning” kicks off with a smooth and gentle live ambience featuring a nice range of quiet ambient recordings mixed with the sounds of the Serge modular synthesizer (which he borrowed from Kevin Braheny) and acoustic/vocal sound pads.The slow moving drone tapestry has a hypnotizing effect as it washes over you.

For the second piece “Jewel”, Stearns used the Eikosany, a set of micro tonally tuned, which led to a quiet ambient excursion with warm shimmering bell tones and a haunting chorus of women’s voices, creating a contemplative state with its lush, immersive but intense atmospheres.

All in all, these environmental paintings make a nice sonic backdrop.

Website: www.michaelstearns.com

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