Michael Stearns & Ron Sunsinger – Singing Stones

Michael Stearns & Ron Sunsinger - Singing Stones

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Michael Stearns & Ron Sunsinger – Singing Stones
CD, Hearts of Space/Fathom, 1994

Those having a knack for deep, organic and tribal ambient music will find much of their liking on “Singing Stones”, which has a way of awakening the senses.

This concept album happened around the same time as “Kiva” (on which Steve Roach joined them), and is dedicated to the native sacred sites around the world and the mysteries they hold for us. Ron and Michael both are avid collectors of recording ambiences out in the world and weaving them into their music, building up their own unique sample libraries that way. Native American ceremonial songs along the ambience of the location, sacred “ringing rocks” found at Native American sacred sites in the Southwestern United States, form the very heart of “Singing Stones”.

Although there are beautiful electronic textures featured on the album (such as on “Shadows and Light”, “Honoring Stone Magic”, “Sunrise Ceremony” and “Return of the red hat”), these form a minority as the -at times quite abstract- outcome is all about the genuine sounds of the earth and natural ambiences. The soundings of the deep, spiritual and mysterious resonate the most intense on “Ghost Dance”, “Subterranean Garden”, “Honoring Stone Magic” and “Return of the red hat”).

All in all, the excellent sounding “Singing Stones” is a world music sound trip for deeper dwellings, proving quite a hypnotic experience when listened to with headphones.

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