Michael Stearns – Sacred Site

Michael Stearns - Sacred Site

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Michael Stearns – Sacred Site
CD/MC, Hearts of Space, 1993

Capturing the power, beauty and magic from all kind of inspiring places around the world into compelling music has always been the cornerstone of accomplished US-composer Michael Stearns.

The almost 60-minute “Sacred Site” compiles some of his fine soundtrack music along assorted compositions made between 1983 and 1993, and can be regarded a proper introduction of what Mr Stearns is capable of. His spacious as meticulously crafted ambient work is a journey of its own, integrating the powerful, exotic and harmonious to haunting extend with just the right touch of tribal and global ethnic.

This already happens on the enchanting “Genesis Voices/Sacred Site Theme”, especially when the organ (played on the Mighty Serge) kicks in, while I also can’t imagine one is not moved by the emotive global ethnic “Paha Sapa”, “Rain Forest” and “Land Sight”. This enthralling soundscape album for the mind also features fine excerpts from the projects “Baraka” and the very hard to find “Chronos”, not to forget the mesmerizing “Twin Flame” and dream-infused/hypnotizing “Return”.

Keep in mind though “Sacred Site” is less cohesive contrary to Michael’s thematic, full-length soundtrack releases.

Website: www.michaelstearns.com

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