Michael Stearns – Spirits of the Voyage

Michael Stearns - Spirits of the Voyage

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Michael Stearns – Spirits of the Voyage
CD, Earth Turtle Music, 2000

“Spirits of the Voyage”, soundtrack music from the same-titled documentary, features exotic, at times slightly mysterious-infused ambient music weaving native island songs and navigator chants from Micronesia with lush instrumental pieces.

The 63-minute recording goes by as an unhurried dreamy trip on which I especially fell in love with tranquil, immersive soundscapes such as “On the Sea”, “Soft Waves” and “Memories”. At its tail, things curl up beautifully on the mesmerizing 8-minute “Atoll Sunrise”. On “Spirits of the Voyage”, moody liquid ambience lies right at your doorstep, so take the dip and sense its wonders.

Website: www.michaelstearns.com

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