Michael Stearns – The Lost World

Michael Stearns - The Lost World


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Michael Stearns – The Lost World
CD, Hearts of Space/Fathom, 1995

The 54-minute concept album “The Lost World” is a gem of cinematic ambient music which sees accomplished ambient sound painter Michael Stearns deliver another stunning piece of sonic art.

Inspired by a trip into The Lost World of Venezuela, this highly textural work is acts as a time capsule, being able to paint a vibrant picture of grand natural surroundings with the many sounds collected during the journey and assorted electronic sounds.

The outcome is an impeccable sounding, vast and overall rich sonic tapestry interweaving complex synthesizer layers, assorted percussion, flute, voice and diverse natural soundscapes, in which the Mighty Serge is also clearly present. The expert merging of acoustic and electronic sources into impressive ominous and highly cinematic atmospheres of grand design is fascinating and at times breathtaking.

It all makes the compelling and evocative ambiences of “The Lost World” a satisfying, intense, and very rewarding sound experience for listeners with an eye for adventurous electronic ambient music. In addition, its sound quality, production and mastering are outstanding and a real challenge for any high-end audio system.

Website: www.michaelstearns.com

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