Michael Stearns – The Soft Touch of Morning Light

Michael Stearns - The Soft Touch of Morning Light

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Michael Stearns – The Soft Touch of Morning Light
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Earth Turtle Music, 2015

While being absorbed in many movie and documentary projects around the globe in the last couple of the years, sound artist Michael Stearns has found time to go through his large library of shelved and unpublished music.

One of the rediscoveries is “The Soft Touch of Morning Light”, featuring three selections of extended archival live recordings made with three different (Mighty) Serge synthesizers in 1979. Although overall not as captivating and enchanting as Michael’s classic space music (think “Planetary Unfolding”), this soft resonating, overtly spacious, minimalist and drone-oriented outcome is something in the same vein.

It’s actually the 20-minute title track that made the less impression on me, the first half sounds a bit too uniform and uninspired to my ears. The lovely airy and weightless “Space Travel On The Wings Of Breath” though turns out much stronger and captivating, simply propelling the listener into endless cosmos environs….

Website: www.michaelstearns.com

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