Michael Stearns – Within – The Nine Dimensions

Michael Stearns - Within - The Nine Dimensions

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Michael Stearns – Within – The Nine Dimensions
CD, Earth Turtle Music, 2000

Mr Stearns always had a great ability to connect the celestial with the real world experience through his sophisticated ambient music.
“Within”, graced with beautiful psychedelic fractal computer art on the cd-booklet, is commissioned music Michael made for a “channeled” workshop by one Barbara Hand Clow, based on The Pleiadian Agenda.

For the cd-release, Michael re-arranged the pieces, of which the music encompasses nine dimensions of the Earth experience, stretching from the molten centre, to life and sounds from the planet’s surface, out to the distant galaxies.

The outcome of inspired space music covers a whole range of sounds, melting electronic textures with assorted percussion, chants/sampled human voices and bell tones. The silence, the deep and the heavens all surface here, with even a great track (the seventh track completely made with the beloved Serge modular synthesizer.

All in all, the outcome on “Within” is a true sonic companion suitable for inner exploration bringing you a rich tapestry of sounds and emotions that one simply should allow to work its magic.

Website: www.michaelstearns.com

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