Michel Genest – Crystal Fantasy

Michael Genest - Crystal Fantasy

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Michel Genest – Crystal Fantasy
LP/CD, Sona Gaia Productions, 1984

“Crystal Fantasy” is the first album by French-born musician Michel Genest (but living in the USA now), labelled as visionary synthesizer music.

The 45-minute outcome is overall soothing, magical and relaxing while being graced with warm textures, Kitaro-esque sequencing and solo leads. Similar to the Japanese composer, Michel applies a minimal approach and implements sounds of nature and Eastern flavours in his New Age-oriented music occasionally, and interconnects his tracks in a kindred manner.

In addition, he also mixes rhythmic tracks with spherical stuff in an elegant, unhurried fashion. Most of all, Mr Genest’s emotive and uplifting stress-relief music will do the trick if you like to make a busy mind slow down again in a harmonic, natural manner. This applies best to the tender opening track “Most Holy Trinosophia”, a 5-minute tranquil sonic cocoon on its own that’s excellent for chilling out.



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