Michele Ippolito – In the Clouds


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Michele Ippolito – In the Clouds
CD-R, Penrose Records, 2009

“In the Clouds” is the second independent release of Illinois-based Michele Ippolito, who started out as a classically trained pianist.
What we actually got here is a new age recording in a kindred vein as the music of e.g. Liquid Mind or Robert Haig Coxon’s “The Silent Path”.

The eleven tracks make up one hour of overall relaxing and free form music that sooths the mind while it offers a welcome repose and escape from the hectic of nowadays world.

The long form synthetic textures and choral pads are serene and warm, making a perfect audio companion while e.g taking a break on a sunny day while looking up to the sky to see cloud formations slowly drift by.

All in all, the intimate and harmonic content and gentle flowing melodies of “In the Clouds” will easily bring the listeners into a state of harmony, peace and tranquility while it also revitalizes the inner spirit.
This “refreshing oasis for the mind/spirit” is also well suited for meditation.

Website: www.vippolito.com


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