Mick Chillage – Infinite Perspectives

Mick Chillage - Infinite Perspectives


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Mick Chillage – Infinite Perspectives

Dublin-based composer Mick Chillage (aka Michael Gainford) has produced a lengthy list of albums since 1996. “Infinite Perspectives” contains a selection of seven minimalist-flavored and fulfilling ambient music tracks made in 2014/2015, all centered on emotive atmospheres.

“Requiem” opens the album beautifully with mesmerizing, elevating textures that are stacked with emotions and a profound, glowing layer. A slice of melody is implemented on the gentle “Not a Soul for Miles”, entering starker soundscape territory again on “Shores”. Fascinating symphonic realms are addressed on the 12-minute “Observing The Triangulum”, an aural kaleidoscope of thick layers and fine sequencer patterns delivering an encompassing result.

Then it’s time to sit back again and be embraced by the serene realms of “A Moments Peace” and “Sunday Afternoon”. Both merge ethereal textures with calming piano in an Eno/ Budd-ish style expertly. “Humanity”, the final track on the album, is an immersive deep space soundscape adventure featuring a slow evolving and swirling drone tapestry.

All in all, “Infinite Perspectives” sounds impressive and most thoughtful, making me eager to investigate more of this musician.

Website: mickchillage.bandcamp.com


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