Mike Andrews – Time & Science

Mike Andrews - Time & Science

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Mike Andrews – Time & Science
CD, Neu Harmony, 2002

“Time and Science” is one of the only two factory pressed cds by synthesist Mike Andrews, who currently seems to reside in The Netherlands.

The release actually contains all music of his “Tides Of Time” album, to which a few others tracks are added, which makes it a kind of compilation. In addition, Mike mentions in the cd-booklet his music is strongly influenced by Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis.

Well, the impact of the first one is the strongest, as Mike keenly melts distinct sounds of “Equinox” and “Rendez-Vous” to an accessible collection of comprehensive moody and more rhythmic songs. The biggest part of the album is filled with “Tides of Time”, which comes in nine parts next to four single pieces found in between.

“Part 3” firmly hits the Jarre-button, while “Part 5” enters the symphonic world of Vangelis. Mike’s playing skills are professional, while his melodic, aply sequenced tunes are catchy but also sophisticated. They sometimes even get majestic or sweeping, as e.g. on the vibrant sounding “Fantasy”.

“Time of Time part 6” deserves a special mention, as it incorporates nice neo-classical textures, synth pads and piano in the first half, later on nicely shifting to a great up-tempo and sequenced outro.
The well-executed “Apocalypse” and the closing “Part 9” venture in majestic and spacious territory with powerful multi-layered synth pads and great Vangelis’ (“Spiral”) flavours.

I’m sure the well-produced continuous sonic journey of “Time and Science” will be very rewarding to many fans, especially those liking Jarre and Vangelis.
Good job, Mike!


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