Mike Griffin – Fabrications

Mike Griffin - Fabrications

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Mike Griffin – Fabrications
CD, Hypnos Recordings, 2008

As far as I know this album is the last solo recording by Hypnos owner, visual artist and minimalist sound sculptor Mike Griffin. This dark ambient work – the follow-up to his 1997-debut “Sudden Dark”- is actually a collage of environmental and location sounds captured with binaural microphones with results manipulated, reworked, looped or combined extensively in a later stage in the studio, a on and off process that took from 1996 till 2008.

There’s no doubt the hour-long string of field recordings, featuring no synthesized or other non-acoustic sound source whatsoever, is alienating, psychedelic and weird, it’s like a ghostly apparition is taking form and dissolving gradually on each track. These six aural vignettes -painstakingly built-up over the years so that all tracks are now comprised of dozens of layers- of many real places combine to form sonic impressions of a series of imagined locations, here ending up as stark, experimental and abstract fabrications. Can’t say this sedate, profound eerie otherworldliness pleased me in any way.

Website: http://www.hypnos.com

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