Mind over Matter – On the Wings of the Wind

Mind over Matter - On the Wings of the Wind


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Mind over Matter – On the Wings of the Wind
CD, Heart & Mind, 2004

“On the Wings of the Wind” is the first Mind over Matter- cd on Klaus’ own Heart & Mind-label. The concept of the album is gasballooning and the uplifting experiences and feelings which occur during the sky-high journeys.
This subject as such isn’t that new, as it has been transferred into music by Erik Wollo (“Wind Journey”) and Kevin Kendle (“Aerial Vistas”).

Nevertheless, Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock composed the album together with his friend and twice European Gasballooning Champion Volker Kuinke (flute/recorders).

The 65-minutes are divided in five engaging tracks of 10-14 minutes each, which act like virtual soundtracks for different balloon trips.
They all sound very relaxing as they float by in all their quiet, almost meditative mysticism, on a few occasions a bit spiced with Asian elements known from his former albums.

All in all, listening to this album is very enjoyable and I’m sure all his fans will be pleased as well.

Website: www.mindala.de

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