Mindglide – Down the Light

Mindglide - Down the Light

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Mindglide – Down the Light
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Altera Orbe, 2007/2012

“Down the Light” is the debut-release of Spanish synthesist Rafael De Julián Garcia aka Mindglide, which has been re-released in extended and remastered form by the Altera Orbe label in 2012.
Its music is inspired by the contemplation of landscapes where light writes the history of the universe throughout its existence, traveling in all directions through space and time and showing us the great spectacle of creation.

As such, a spacious range of cosmic music is featured here, blending ethereal and symphonic textures to a freeform, evocative and overall expansive sounding outcome which incorporates melodic washes occasionally.
In its own way, the music is quite original with an occasional majestic and psychedelic-flavored undercurrent as it whirls and floats along freely.

A sense of mystery starts creeping in on “Edge of Infinity”, a sphere that becomes even more enigmatic and otherworldly on “Forms”. Here, certain esthetics remind of classic cosmic music from the ’70’s while the gracious elements (also present prominently in the 5-minute title piece) made me think of the contemporary space music of Andrew Forrest. The album ends with a bonus: an extended 12-minute version of the track “Time=0”, which adds an extra 10 minutes of lush spiraling spheres to the original piece (although the short distorted and disruptive solo sound should have been left out).

All in all, “Down the Light” is for all who prefer ambient-space music, but prepare for an outcome where things are approached from a slightly different angle.

Website: http://www.facebook.com/Mindglide-Ambient-Composer-139876439941683

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