Mindglide – Radiance

Mindglide - Radiance

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Mindglide – Radiance
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Altera Orbe, 2009/2013

Mindglide is an electronic music project founded by composer Rafael De Julián Garcia, an independent artist residing in Valencia, Spain. The project is heavily influenced by electronic music from the 1970’s such as progressive rock along other experimental and improvising genres like Krautrock.

“Radiance”, Mindglide’s second album, was originally composed and completed in 2009 after two years of studio sessions and sketching arrangements which led to an outcome containing the long-form tracks “Part One” and “Part Two”. In September 2013, the Altera Orbe label gave the album a commercial release, which includes the 39-minute “Part Three”, featuring the original studio material as a bonus.

I’m not sure if I would classify the outcome as celestial (although this most certainly applies to e.g. the last 6 minutes of the 32-minute “part 1”), as the vast (most often free form) soundscapes presented here carry a slow but progressive core that strangely coincident with dense textures, psychedelic-oriented flavors and loose sonic elements.

In addition, I can’t detect a proper sense of direction into which the imaginative, spiritual music is heading into. In this respect, the 16-minute “part 2” turns out better as the non- rhythmic spherics evoke the feeling of being out into the great wide open while the various timbres evolve and dissolve.

The extensive “part 3 reprise” of these soundscapes of science comes up with a peculiar mix of both previous parts, merging the hypnotizing/immersive with extravagant, experimental and more edgy sonic material. It’s makes quite daring stuff actually.

Website: http://www.facebook.com/Mindglide-Ambient-Composer-139876439941683

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