Mindglide – Tangent

Mindglide - Tangent

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Mindglide – Tangent
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Altera Orbe, 2010/2013

Rafael De Julián’s “Tangent” is an electronic space album with a slight Berlin School edge, the latter applying to the use of some sequencing. The 36-minute “Vast Dominion” kicks things off with lush but rather bare atmospherics, after nine minutes followed by some sequencers. It can be me, but I feel the whole sound design here feels rather empty and cold while it also could use some more depth. As the piece progresses, the more psychedelic and not too cohesive it seems to remain.

This perception applies even more to “Dark Sun Theme”, to which even a rather freaky edge is added. The two short pieces ending the album haven’t much content nor do they display any focus while abstract-experiments seem to last.

In my view, nothing really seems to gel on this release, it all ends up as plain and directionless improvisation that does not seem to work that well.

Website: http://www.soundcloud.com/mindglide/

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