Mirrored Meridian – Heliolatry

Mirrored Meridian - Heliolatry

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Mirrored Meridian – Heliolatry
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Meridian Music, 2013

“Heliolatry” is referred to as a soundtrack for an imaginary science-fantasy story sandwiched between two space-ambient tracks. The overall music though has a different impact and mindset compared to the more song-based predecessor “A Sense of Wonder”.

“Heliolatry’s” instrumental storytelling takes the listener further into deep space as we wander through massive spheres and splendorous environments. Between the free form excursions (e.g. “Phadera Rising”, “Garden of a Billion Suns”) there are also a couple of rhythmic/sequenced outings such as “Cloud Breaking” , the energetic “The Sleep of many Dreams” or the almost dancy “The Pinnacles of Light” . None of them though feature a strong melodic line.

I also occasionally noticed certain thinness in some patches and overall sound design (although listening to the flac-version). The drums also aren’t the greatest, but the plus of the imaginary music is its intrinsic pulse and the palpable fun during its creation. I also really like the two smooth ambient-space pieces opening and closing the 72-minute journey, especially the 10-minute “Adrift on Solar Winds” at the end.

Can’t say this release is better or worse lined up next to the previous album as it ventures in other sonic territory, but it sure is worth checking out.

Website: www.soundcloud.com/mirrored-meridian


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