Mister Vapor vs Altus – Falling Out Of Orbit

Mister Vapor vs Altus - Falling Out Of Orbit

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Mister Vapor vs Altus – Falling Out Of Orbit
CD-R, Just Not Normal netlabel, 2010

I’m not familiar with any music of Mister Vapor (aka Thomas Park, who’s also known as ambient musician Mystified), but the fact that Altus (aka Mike Carss) has decided to remix two of his tracks makes it even more interesting.

Well, “Falling Out of Orbit” contains two lengthy tracks of 26 minutes each. The free form music is a beautiful match of lighter string pads and darker dronescapes, which evolves in a slow but consistent pace.

It’s well-rendered, expansive cosmic music with a mysterious edge, which takes a deep dive into the vast unknown, nicely depicted on the cd-cover. This flow is sonic food for cosmic immersion.

The album is available as free mp3 download from the Just Not Normal netlabel, and in Flac-format from the Altus website.


Website: www.altusmusic.ca

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