Aetopus – Memories of the Elder

Aetopus - Memories of the Elder

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Aetopus – Memories of the Elder
CD, 12 Ton Productions, 2002

AeTopus is multi-instrumentalist Bryan Tewell Hughes from Washington. The album opens with a dynamic piano-sequence (sounds a bit like Frank Van Bogaert) but also reveals some classic elements.

What we got here is progressive electronic music with flavours of pastoral new age and symphonic music in which keys and bass are accompanied by quite a variety of Oriental percussion.

Although things sound inventive and progressive, I can’t say the music sticks, as I didn’t get into the music as such. But refreshing are the short “Umbrella” and the following “Psychic Slumber” (just forget the poor intro of this one).
By the way, this private released cd offers an excellent sound quality.



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