ModularWhite – Alpa

ModularWhite - Alpa

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ModularWhite – Alpa
CD, Private Release, 2009

The four guys of ModularWhite have chosen for a more futuristic and contemporary approach for their album “Alpa”, which already becomes apparent by the science-fiction cover art on the cd booklet.

The first few tracks on the 53-minute album are a bit slow to my liking, but as the cd progresses, the music really starts going, getting into a welcome groove.
“Ocean of Light” and “Alphavision” e.g. offer positive sounding and very nicely rendered up-tempo sequencing, rhythms and melodic lines, creating a kind of music slightly similar to Elektronische Machine and Kraftwerk, but overall less powerful.

A track like “Alpa Sense of Emotions” is of a reflective, chill-out nature with its warm sound pads. The groovy drive returns on the fluid, contemporary and warm melodic electronics of “Touch of Druids” and “Interculture”.
The closing track “Alpa Eclectro”, the fastest track found on the cd, is an instrumental dance piece that isn’t appropriate here in my opinion.



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