ModularWhite – Canada

ModularWhite - Canada

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ModularWhite – Canada
CD-R, Private Release, 2007

For the concept album (Four Visions of) “Canada”, the four members of the Dutch electronica band ModularWhite decided to present musical ambiences which would transfer their own feelings, visions and ideas of Canada in four separate 15 minute solo tracks, paying a tribute to its landscape and certain (historical) aspects.

The first track by Rene Montfoort paints a beautiful, peaceful ambient picture of the grand spaces, built of slowly morphing, nicely cascading sound pads and effects.
Norman van Krimpen’s “In Connection with Grouse Mountain” visualizes panoramic farscapes, as the lush, flowing soundscapes spread out their wings with a more pronounced solo sound, before a sequence pattern sets in, giving way to more solo sounds and unravelling structures.

“Xylo Peak-Grainy Falls” by Michel Bekkering is a very nice, quiet ambient piece with choir sounds. In the second part, captivating sequencer patterns and a solo voice show up, lending the piece a bit of a late ‘70’s Schulze-like backbone.
Marc van Olden closes the album with the very well done “Timeline of Canadian History” (my personal highlight on the album), which is actually meant as a voyage through time. The cinematic aspect is obvious here as well, as the building soundscapes slowly shift into soft beats and rhythms..
Nice going, guys!



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