Mon0 – Monolith

Mon0 - Monolith

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Mon0 – Monolith
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

Mon0’s “Monolith” invites us into a dark and mysterious ambient world with occasional minimal dub-techno beats, in which a strong sense of dynamic is embedded in the slow shifting and precisely tuned textural scapes.

This is no scary trip though (with the exception of the entrance to the fifth track “Grau in Grau”) but one of pure fascination and adventure for what lies ahead. This impact is even emphasized by the spatial sound design, building a warm cave of sounds that feels comfortable.

Listening with headphones will offer an even bigger impact, immersing the listener slowly but surely into a psychedelic and hypnotizing kind of electronics. At the tail of the album, the expansive and slow building sound of the great elevating track “Träume vergangener Zeiten” winds things down very nicely.

“Monolith” is available as free download from the Kreislauf netlabel.


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