Mon0 – Multifidus

Mon0 - Multifidus

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Mon0 – Multifidus
CD-R, Test Tube netlabel, 2009

“Multifidus” is the first full-length ambient release of the German musician mon0, aka Andre Zufall.

The albums offers five extended pieces, making up 85 minutes of overall textural music with some occasional rhythms, in which the slow morphing pace nicely builds beautiful arcs of tension.

These are very well rendered spacious, immersive fields of multilayered soundscapes and massive dronefields which keep your mind focussed all the way, as the music evolves in its own course.

Next to the album, the music is also offered as a continuous 74-minute mix, comprising the core of the five separate tracks.

Both are available for free download at the Test Tube Netlabel.
Highly recommended ambient music.


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