Mon0 – Proficisci

Mon0 - Proficisci

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Mon0 – Proficisci
CD-R, Kreislauf, 2009

“Proficisci”, is not a full mon0-album, but an Ep containing two high-atmospheric tracks.

As known from his previous work, Andre has come up with some thick, expansive, multi-layered soundscape textures which gently get things started on the 13-minute “Follow Me…”.
This cinematic and immersive sonic journey into the vast unknown vaporizes an overall cosmic and mysterious ambience as it gradually unfolds.

The latter is especially felt in the second track, the 26-minute “..From Galaxy to Serenity”, of which the spacious walls of sound get company of a deep bass beat (which some may find too upfront) and a beautiful “scattered” sequencer pattern (which sounds complex) in the middle section. Nice going indeed.

All in all, “Proficisci” makes an enjoyable ambient album for deep listening.
The album, released at the very end of 2009, is available as free Mp3 and Flac format through a link on mon0’s site.


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