Monolake – Hongkong

Monolake - Hongkong

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Monolake – Hongkong
CD, Chain Reaction, 1997

In the middle of the ‘90’s, Monolake (aka the German duo Robert Henke Gerhard Behles) released the album “HongKong”, which had been out of print for quite a while.

Put out as the fourth album in a series of metal cases, it contained tracks made between 1995 and 1997. They were taken from four singles, three of which had come out as Monolake (which was then Robert Henke’s project with Gerhard Behles) and a fourth, “Index,” which had first appeared under the moniker Helican Scan (Robert Henke solo).

To tie the tracks together and give them an extra touch, the duo decided to enriched the original pieces with a range of beautiful field recordings made during a trip in and around Hong Kong and Guangzhou, next to sounds of traffic, rain, and street-life and so on.
The outcome is vibrant, inspiring dance-oriented ambient with a marvellous flow of rhythms and atmosphere.

Fortunately, the classic album was re-released in June 2008 as a digipak by Robert Henke on is own label as “Hongkong Remastered”, for which all music was remastered. In addition, the track “Index” was felt out of place and was therefore left out to create a greater sense of unity (according to Mr Henke).



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