Mooma – Herd Forming

Mooma Herd Forming

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Mooma – Herd Forming
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2006

Imagine dwelling in a spacious, celestial, slow evolving and dreamy world of freeform textures with an overall relaxing impact. It’s an appropriate description for the mesmerizing aural landscape covered on the 61-minute “Herd Forming” by Finnish artist Mooma. The soothing ambience on each of the eight tracks (“They’ve killed our cubs”, “Don’t bring light into this place” and “Hello Dawn Horizon” make the highlights) features gentle yet swirling chord progressions making a fine companion to contemplate or travel inward. On “The Herd Forming Song” things end up floating effortlessly. Make sure you grab this music if you fancy this genre.

The release is available as a free download on Mooma’s website.



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