moonbooter – Zeitenwende

moonbooter - Zeitenwende

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moonbooter – Zeitenwende
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Mellowjet Records, 2013

For the music of his album “Zeitenwende” (that again premiered live in concert at a planetarium in Germany) Bernd Scholl started sketching out ideas behind the piano. Whilst transferring the outcome and ideas to electronics in a later stage, he kept a strong focus on using a versatile range of emotive sounds and fresh pads to deliver a fine outcome. This all is due to Bernd’s strong urge to do something different after his previous trilogy.

Well, the 72-minutes of music create a rich and attractive atmosphere, featuring both spherical and rhythmic-driven parts, in which the key-elements and quality of Moonbooter-music still shine through very nicely.

Although it’s all less upfront, up-tempo and straight-forward than before, the groovy current is still present, so fans of melodic and sequenced synth music will find much of their liking here.
Besides that, a certain Schiller-ish feel is found in the music once again, (e.g. in the fourth track “Im Klang der Ruhe”) along a strong classic sequencer- exercise on “Alles wird Anders”.

Though this time around, a more relaxed attitude and a listener’s ear that opens up to a more reflective state will be most helpful for this Moonbooter release.
Like the previous releases, “Zeitenwende” is also available on dvd-r with 5.1 Surround sound.


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