MoonSatellite – Dark Summer

MoonSatellite - Dark Summer

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MoonSatellite – Dark Summer
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2017

It may just be me but I can’t say the gloomy, dark mood shown on the album’s cover matches with the accessible outcome of MoonSatellite’s 64-minute “Dark Summer” , described by the composer as a transitory album between “‘Sessions’” and his future works.

The release contains eight variations still holding a reference of 70’s Jarre and elements of German cosmic Em. It pairs attractive spatial sequencer parts (Javi Canovas comes to mind) with warm, tasty retro-ish atmospherics and vocal pads although presented in a slower, hold-back and more reflective style.

As the recording progressed, the more I became convinced this is mood music with a positive flow (“Variation #6” being a proper example of that) but no real highlights. On the final piece, melancholy shines through the warm notes and textures, making it an apt outro of this fine accomplished -but by no means exceptional- release.


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