MoonSatellite – Earth Gravity

MoonSatellite - Earth Gravity

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MoonSatellite – Earth Gravity
CD-R, Private Release, 2010

Fans of spherical and unhurried electronic music will be delighted to listen to “Earth Gravity”, another fine work by Marc Perbal, aka MoonSatellite. The album subtitle is Sequencer Prelude, and marks the first album in MoonSatellite’s Sequencer Trilogy.

Although the echo of Mr Jarre’s ’70’s music is vaguely noticeable on this spacious 61-minute recording, this talented autodidact musician once again has produced six smooth morphing and bright sounding compositions that nicely recall the hay days of vintage electronic music.

Once more I’m grabbed by the warm, mesmerizing and spatial character of the music, that seems to shift in ebb and flow so easily and with (what seems) so less effort. Both “Earth Gravity Intermède” and the up-tempo “Earth Gravity III” put the icing on the cake here.

As I’m afraid these home-brewed cd-r’s won’t last very long, I think it most wise MoonSatellite starts releasing his back catalogue as proper, factory-pressed cds, as happened with “Missing Time”.


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