MoonSatellite – Low Life

MoonSatellite - Low Life

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MoonSatellite – Low Life
CD-R, PWM Distribution, 2013

With the album “Low Life”, presented as one overture and six parts, we enter a vibrant world of classic electronic music for 65-minutes.

While still echoing some of the vintage work of Jarre, Marc Perbal has come up with a most attractive assortment of layered sequencer patterns and highly spherical synth music surrounding it. Another thing that struck me is its unhurriedness and warm presence, emphasized at the passages where smooth vocal pads are implemented. Most notable is the second half of “Part II”, where a nice combo of sequencers, drums and pads elevate things into higher regions. Schulze’s recent output could learn a lot from this.

“Part IV” contains a brief unbalanced, searching passage, which is quickly forgotten as the bass synth and vocal pads turn up. Halfway “Part V”, another Jarre-tribute comes to life, a well-executed melange of sequencers, solos and drums. The final “part VI” offers relaxed, moody soundscaping and effects in Jarre-style.

Other beneficial things of this release are the choice for a better quality cd-r and cover design along improved audio mastering and production.


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