MoonSatellite – Missing Time

MoonSatellite - Missing Time

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MoonSatellite – Missing Time
CD, Dreaming/Musea Records, 2011

As far as I know, this is the first factory-pressed album by French composer Marc Perbal, aka Moonsatellite, beyond a series of privately-released, home-brewed cd-r’s. The music on the 65-minute “Missing Time” is split in five lengthy parts, and carries a warm, cosmic flavour and now and then strongly relates to the sound of Jean Michel Jarre’s first two albums.

Next to nicely moulded atmospheric intros and interludes, Moonsatellite very nicely implements choral/vocal pads, sequencer structures and rhythms into his floating music along some occasional solo lines. This is slowly unfolding melodic Em that avoids the mistake to come up with solos to fill the sound spectrum, something also encountered in the music of Javi Canovas.

I’m especially fond of the spherical, non-rhythmic passages on this spacious recording, such as the moody 6-minute opening of “Part II”, next to the quieting sphere of the albums music throughout. This musician really dares to step out and play, leaving an infectious and tasty trail of old ’70’s electronics that will be liked by many.
Well done, Mr MoonSatellite!


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