MoonSatellite – Sessions

MoonSatellite - Sessions

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MoonSatellite – Sessions
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2017

According the liner notes to this album it appears MoonSatellite has come to a turning point in his musical career, adding one more chapter to his previous releases but also marking the end of cycle simultaneously.

The one hour “Sessions” compiles six shelved, none-linked recordings (read: lost tapes) done between 2015 and 2016 using the old Magnetic Studio 3.0 Soundlab set-up. “Sessions” overall signature sound appears a bit thin, sharp and less polished compared to his other works. Though still cosmic electronic, it also lines up less to the classic Jarre-sound so well known from Marc Perbal’s previous releases. Then again, MoonSatellite’s combos of sequencer patterns and rhythms still work magic, especially on the 16-minute“Session #3”, and when it comes to synth textures and soundscaping, the moody first half of “Session #5” is done very tasty.

A total overhaul of the studio during 2016, the acquisition of some new gear and also a change in the composer’s modus operandi will be kicked off by “Dark Summer” at the end of 2017 followed by “Strange Music” in 2018″.


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