MoonSatellite – Strange Music

MoonSatellite - Strange Music

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MoonSatellite – Strange Music
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2018

While listening to the 65 minutes of music on this album (depicted by the composer as the culmination of “Dark Summer”) I wondered what’s actually “strange” about it as the aural footprint of Jarre’s first two albums is still shining true clearly. Or it might be -compared to Mr Perbal’s former works- the outcome on the seven parts proves less captivating and uplifting to my ears and even drags on a bit in places.

This time around melodic, slightly dancing sequences are more prominent and accompanied by warm, atmospheric Jarre-esque synth tapestries without any solo voices. But then again and despite its spherical, smooth evolving character, “Strange Music” simply doesn’t grab me that much. Repeated listening didn’t change that.


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