MoonSatellite – Unendlich Sequenzer, Sequenzer Vol. 2

MoonSatellite - Unendlich Sequenzer, Sequenzer Vol. 2

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MoonSatellite – Unendlich Sequenzer, Sequenzer Vol. 2
CD-R, PWM Distribution, 2010

Here’s another fine batch of classic-inspired, melancholic sounding EM from French composer MoonSatellite. It is strange though the track durations of the music are totally different from the onces listed on the back of the cd-booklet

As can be expected, no surprises to be found in his well-crafted and profound cosmic-oriented sonic creations, in which the pleasant shadow of ‘70’s Jarre is still nicely lurking around the corner. One can simply sense the joy he must have had in his studio playing around with his electronic toys and moulding the right catchy vibes (sometimes even to up-tempo and almost dancy effect) while improvising quite a bit.

All in all, the lengthty tracks making up “Unendlich Sequenzer, Sequenzer Vol. 2”offer nice atmospheric and moody stuff that can’t go wrong. As this one is again released as another crappy cd-r, make sure you rip it for back-up after purchase.


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