MoonSatellite – Whispers of the Moon

MoonSatellite - Whispers of the Moon


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MoonSatellite – Whispers of the Moon
CD-R, PWM Distribution, 2015

The reinterpretation and spirit of classic electronic music, especially those with a vintage Jarre-angle, is in good hands at French composer Marc Perbal, aka MoonSatellite.

Although I thought “Low Life” less strong compared to his other works, the outcome on “Whispers of the Moon” is prove he’s back on his high-quality level. It’s almost impossible not to be grabbed by the catchy opener “Sequences are beautiful” that weaves Jarre-flavours with a great string of sparkling sequencers and warm pads. From there, MoonSatellite once again takes his listeners on an inviting, spacious and relaxed cosmic journey where great combos of spatial sequences meet while lush and colourful soundscapes accompany or hover over them. “Shadows pt 1”, “Midnight Motion” and the strong title piece come forward more powerful but don’t end up in too busy and crowded sound design while this attractive, mellow Jarre-aura comes and goes fluidly.

Summarizing: “Whispers of the Moon” offers 74-minutes of jolly nice, satisfying, and most enjoyable electronic music that will appeal to a large EM audience. In that respect, this should have been a proper (factory-pressed) cd release.


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