Mychael Danna – Sirens

Mychael Danna - Sirens

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Mychael Danna – Sirens
CD, Hearts of Space Records, 1991

The debut album “Sirens”, initially only released as cassette, offers a 46-minute collection of minimal orchestral/symphonic electronics by Canadian Mychael Danna, who later on established himself as a successful soundtrack composer. It’s also a concept album dealing with the femine psyche, taking the listener into worlds beyond the imagination while dimensions such as time and space seem to fade away.

The album offers a fascinating mix of space music and neo-classical music styles, in which religion, saints, mystery, sacrifice, myths and the beauty of things play a central role. Above all, it’s gentle, honest, lush and emotional music with a Celtic edge, all executed in a minimal style that touches the human soul easily.

Personal favourites are the soothing “Deidre Of The Sorrows”, while the overall impact of the final track “Visions of Bernadette” is able to bring tears to my eyes, every time I hear it.
Be mesmerized.


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