Mychael Danna – Skys

Mychael Danna - Skys

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Mychael Danna – Skys
CD, Hearts of Space, 1992

“Skys” is a concept album by Mychael Danna, inspired by the big cold Canadian skyscapes through the year.

The rich electro-acoustic music, by Mr Danna describes as orchestral romantic-minimalism, offers ten cinematic, airy themes encapsulating the grandeur and beauty of these massive skypaintings.
These aural imaginations are beautifully rendered orchestral arrangements in which clear flavours of both “Sirens” and “North of Niagara” shimmer through its veins.

Overall reflective in nature, “Skys” merges the harmonic and the melodic, carving out a musical path that’s never becoming soft or less interesting despite its darker nature and minimal framework.
For me, the bombastic, majestic and symphonic “Sky 10” concluding the album is the highlight of the album next to “Sky 7”.
This track alone makes you reach out to the immensity and splendour of the sky above..


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