Mystical Sun ‎- Music for Supernovas

Mystical Sun ‎- Music for Supernovas

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Mystical Sun – Music for Supernovas
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Buddhaverse, 2016

With the goal to experience sonorous atmospheres and imaginations, Mystical Sun (aka US sound sculptor Richard Plom) hereby presents his listeners four lengthy deep ambient movements of an overall drone, free form nature.

Dwelling into the mystic ancient cosmic, “Music for Supernovas” –created live in the studio with modular synthesizers only as they allow an overall organic sound design with an infinite sonic palette- explores vast, celestial, abstract and panoramic aural landscapes spiced with assorted radio transmitter as well as electromagnetic frequency bands sounds. This peculiar quartet of 30-minute adventures into audio maps out other worldly soundscapes and psychedelic realms best experienced with headphones.

“Music for Supernovas” makes an intriguing but also peculiar galactic journey, therefore only suggested for experienced deep space travelers willing to go the extra mile….



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