Mystical Sun – Primordial Atmospheres

Mystical Sun - Primordial Atmospheres

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Mystical Sun – Primordial Atmospheres
CD, Private Release, 1996

“Primordial Atmospheres” is a classic ambient debut album by Mystical Sun, aka Richard Plom, of which the beautiful designed cd-booklet doesn’t provide any further information.

The cd contains a panoramic sonic landscape of ambient music, psycho-acoustic sounds and harmonic music for your mind and best listened to with headphones, designed to resurrect the lost ancient power of sound using the future’s technology-today.

Well, those enjoying deep ambient music with exotic, compelling and mysterious undercurrents have come to the right spot, as the music of the first seven pieces is a vast dwelling into dense and darkening ambient landscapes.

In a way, one might even compare these tracks (which may be considered a kind of suite) with the quiet ‘90s music of Mind over Matter (but without guitar), while the pleasant Eastern touch made me think of the works of David Parsons.
The last piece, “Journey to Samadhi”, lasts about 30 minutes and takes things to a next but also heavy level. It introduces massive dronescapes, Tibetan bowls and sounds of the sea. This all is meant to experience sonorous atmospheres and imaginations, but for me it’s a bit too much of everything.

All in all, the challenging album is your hyperspace transport on a ride to aural bliss, of which the composer says it’s capable to induce and enhance the body’s autonomic responses to primordial sounds.

Initially released in the summer of 1994 as a limited edition cd, “Primordial Atmospheres” was reprinted in 2005 with a new cover, again as a limited edition cd.



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